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Scott Medical & Healthcare College

Year 10

Our new building, equipment and facilities support a high-quality curriculum which will enable students to meet the needs of the highest demand qualifications at Key Stages 4.
In Year 10 students study Maths, English Language, English Literature. Some students will be prepared for their GCSE English Literature in Year 10 and have a sixth hour of English teaching.
Students not sitting English Literature will study for a Statistics GCSE. Students study for Statistics in an additional hour per week on top of their five Maths lessons. We do this to prepare students for the mathematical requirements of post-16 learning where statistical and mathematical skills are essential in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Health and Social Care and Sport Science.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught by subject specialists for two hours each per week.
Students continue to study their option subjects for three hours each per week.
Students will also have creative and physical enrichment sessions and develop problem-solving skills through Project-Based Learning. 

In tutor time and assembly we have a programme of Literacy, reading as a class and individually, SMSC, Religious Education and applying and gaining a work placement.
Students have a range of out of school opportunities including trips and university visits as well a programme of outside speakers developing skills for work placement and future careers.