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KS5 Curriculum

In the Sixth Form students follow one of two pathways:

  • A Level Pathway
  • Health Sciences Pathway, Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma, Practical Vocational Courses.

Sixth Form options

A Level Pathway 
A more traditional A Level route, in preparation for university courses such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, dietetics, radiography and medical sciences, as well as a full range of other A Level subjects.

Health Sciences Pathway 
Studying for a Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care/ Studies.
This is a vocational route based mainly on regularly assessed coursework with four examined units. This pathway prepares students for university courses and apprenticeships
in all types of nursing, midwifery and paramedic study and is equivalent to three A levels. Scott College students who studied for the Extended Diploma in Health Studies are now studying at universities across the UK for careers in paramedicine, midwifery, nursing, radiography, and social and youth work among others. 

You will study four examined units: Human Lifespan Development, Working in Health and Social Care, Anatomy and Physiology and Research Methods, and will have a further 13 units of coursework assessed study including psychology in health, microbiology, public health, caring for patients with dementia, and a unit based on the evaluation of your work placement. 

This pathway gives you a great understanding of the health and social care sector and is an excellent route to many careers in health. 

Other experiences and training

You might also take part in a number of additional programmes of study as part of your healthy lifestyles programme, which could include ethical guidelines in health and mindfulness
You will complete work placement and experience at KS5 for one or more days a week
You will have regular contact with employers through masterclasses and project work and map your employability skills through work placement review and reflection.

Additional curriculum provision

Students will engage in a range of activities to ensure that the components of social, moral, spiritual and citizenship education are covered including topics like Ethics and Health in The News.


UCAT - The UK Clinical Aptitude Test is a prerequisite for any school leaver applying for medicine and dentistry at university. We know it’s vital that students are given the time and expertise to ensure they are prepared for these. This year our dentists and medics from Year 12 had expert training sessions delivered by The Medic Portal, backed by the Royal Society of Medicine.
BMAT - The BioMedical Admissions Test is a prerequisite for entry into biomedical courses at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. We provide opportunities for students wishing to apply to these highly competitive establishment.