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Attendance 2023-24

Plymouth Secondary Schools Governing Body attendance 2023-24

Please see the latest attendance figures for GB meetings:

Governor GB1 GB2 GB3 GB4 GB5 GB6
  03.10.23 22.11.23 17.01.24 06.03.24 01.05.24 10.07.24
Sam Beacham C C C P P P
Janice Cole P P C P P C
Josie Forte C C P P P P
Anita Frier P P P P P C
I-tasha Honeyghan N/A P P C P P
Sarah Miller P P C P P P
Fiona Osmaston P P P P P P
Colin Searls P P P P P P
Lindsay Cooper-Smith P P P P N/A N/A
Kelly Terry C N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sandra Trathen P P P P P P
Jade Ward N/A N/A N/A P P P



In attendance


Absent with consent


Absent without consent


Not a governor at this meeting


No meeting

The scheduled governing body meetings

  • GB6 Wednesday 3rd July 2024