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Scott Medical & Healthcare College

Medical Masterclass – dietetics

Our Sixth Form enjoyed a Masterclass in Dietetics.

As part of our programme of career events, talks and activities planned for sixth form we held a Dietetics Medical Masterclass recently which was led by Dr Abigail Tronco Hernandez, Deputy Admissions Tutor and Dietetics Lecturer at University of Plymouth. She was accompanied by two second year Dietetic undergraduate students (Ellen and Halimat) who talked about why they chose to study Dietetics at Plymouth and where they were from and how they have found the course and the placements they have been on so far.  

Abigail explained all about the role of a dietician, where they can work and also how the diet can affect recovery from Covid-19. The University of Plymouth has conducted extensive research since the pandemic began and has set up a Knowledge Hub for adults recovering from Covid-19. It is a one stop shop for all information to support recovery from Covid-19 through nutritional care. 

Abigail explained about the structure of the Dietetics degree and how the course is delivered using both practical and theoretical elements. She showed us the entry requirements and explained about what they look for with an application.  

This was a very interesting talk and thanks go out to the Dietetics team for coming in to talk to us.