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Biomedical science talk for curriculum collapse

Dr Paul Laurance-Young from the University of Plymouth delivered an insightful and entertaining talk about Biomedical Sciences to our Year 9, 10, and 11 students this week.

He spoke first to Year 9 and 10's explaining his journey into Biomedical Sciences and emphasising more on Biomedical Scientists and their role. 

Paul said "I cut pieces of people into smaller pieces". He explained some of the things he looks for when taking samples from people and how Biomedical Scientists actually detect viruses or diseases and then are tasked with discovering how to stop them. 

Paul said, "Science isn't boring, we actually all use science every day, for instance, playing sports such as football and working out how we move and kick the ball."

The Year 11 presentation expanded in more detail on the kind of diseases that can affect parts of the body and what they look like. He also shared the entry requirements for studying Biomedical Sciences at University of Plymouth and was very keen to promote that science is definitely for girls with 65% of laboratory staff at the hospital being female!

All students were fully engaged and enthusiastic and came away full of knowledge and interest in the subject. Thank you so much for coming, we hope you'll come again for more talks!