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Scott Medical & Healthcare College

Practical Skills Day

Students at Scott had the opportunity to take part in a busy and exciting practical skills' day this week. There were six sessions throughout the day including demonstrations of paramedic equipment, biomedical sciences and Infection prevention workshops as well as recreating life on a hospital ward, forensic dentistry workshops and sports development activities.

The day was a huge success with all students completely absorbed in the activities. Having the opportunities to learn real life job skills within the medical and health care sectors was an incredible opportunity. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making the day so special for the students.

Find out more about who visited us:

Infection Prevention Control from University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust 

Sarah Griffiths and Naomi Klumje came in to do sessions on the importance of hand washing and preventing the spread of infection. Students washed their hands, applied cream and then placed their hands under a special box with ultraviolet lights to examine how much bacteria was left on the skin.

Paramedic / Emergency Care Assistant

This session was delivered by Jack and Tegenn, two of our previous students. They demonstrated the equipment that is stored in ambulances and emergency vehicles and that Paramedics and ECAs use on a regular basis. Both students and staff volunteered to have a go, including Mrs Gill who was strapped into a stretcher!

Forensic Dentistry - University of Plymouth's Dental School

Jake ran a Forensic Dentistry session for students to be able to see how teeth are crucial in identifying victims of crime and went through a scenario to show different types of teeth etc.

Sports Development - Scott Staff & Marjon University

Scott Sports Science staff Miss Haley and Mr Broomfield started these sessions off with the Harvard Step Test and then Phil Brown from Marjon University came in and got them to discuss barriers into sports.

Life on a Ward - Scott's very own Health & Social Care team

Miss Reid, Mrs Chalmers and Mrs Buckingham recreated life on a hospital ward.  The team demonstrated a variety of aids and healthcare equipment that students could also use.  Students had the opportunity to learn how to safely change the bedding on a hospital bed whilst the patient was lying in it, another station allowed students to use aids such as an empathy belly, goggles that recreate conditions affecting a person's sight and how that could impact on their daily life. Students also tried on a suit which let them feel what it would be like to be an older patient. Another station looked at students taking each other's blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature and measuring height and weight.  

Biomedical Sciences - Paul Laurance-Young, University of Plymouth

For this session students had the opportunity to look at tissue samples such as lung cancer tissues under a microscope, take swabs from their own mouths to see the bacteria that live within our bodies, took vital statistics and were able to look at horse blood samples.