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Scott Medical & Healthcare College

Year 9 Students Showcase Creativity in NHS Career Project

The Year 9 tutor groups at Scott College have been immersed in an engaging project centered around the NHS, delving into various career pathways and honing their research and presentation skills along the way.

The "Step into the NHS," competition encourages students to pick a NHS career that interests them and create a job advertisement to tell their friends and other young people about it. Students have to follow four steps: Step 1; the discovery phase where students have to do research into the career pathways available within the NHS and find one that suits the group. Step 2: Understand the job. Students need to look more thoroughly into that job, what’s involved, what qualifications they will need, experience and skills required to do the job properly. Step 3: The job advertisement. Students need to create a fun and lively job advertisement that will get other students excited about the role too. It needs to be informative and tell peers all about the job. Students can pick any media they like from film, social media or websites to posters, leaflets or presentations. Step 4: Submit! The next stage will happen in June.

The project commenced with an introduction to the myriad of careers available within the healthcare sector. From nurses to paramedics, midwives to psychiatrists, students explored the diverse array of roles, delving into the skills, qualifications, and experiences required for each profession.

Dividing into groups, students embarked on in-depth research into their chosen careers, meticulously examining the intricacies of each role. Armed with newfound knowledge, they collaborated to conceptualise and develop innovative job adverts that would bring their chosen professions to life.

Following a spirited exchange of ideas and presentations within the tutor groups, six standout teams were selected to transform their visions into reality. Guided by media expert Miss Sargent, these budding film makers infused their adverts with creativity and flair, utilising scripts, costumes, and props to captivating effect.

Miss Sargent remarked on the students' dedication and enthusiasm, describing them as a pleasure to work with. "The students were prepared for their filming, with scripts and costumes, making the filming process a joy."

The resulting job adverts spanned a spectrum of healthcare roles, from midwifery and paramedics to forensic psychology and paediatric nursing, each showcasing the students' passion and ingenuity.

Reflecting on the project's success, Mrs. Chalmers expressed immense pride in her students' efforts. "They worked hard in their tutor groups, supported by dedicated tutors, and remained focused and enthusiastic throughout the advert-making process," she remarked, adding, "I have my fingers crossed for all the students, although they are all winners in my eyes!"

As anticipation mounts for the final vote in June, the Scott College community eagerly awaits the outcome of the students' hard work and imaginations. Regardless of the results, the project stands as a testament to their talent, creativity, and commitment to exploring future career possibilities within the NHS.