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Scott Medical & Healthcare College

Students visit Bodmin Jail

The history department organised an educational excursion for 80 Year 10 GCSE History students and 8 of our Year 12 A Level History and Criminology students to Bodmin Jail.

Guided by knowledgeable Heritage Guides, the students embarked on a captivating tour of the historical site.

Throughout the tour, the students delved into the intricacies of the Bloody Code and explored the evolution of prisons from the 1800s to the 1900s. They gained insight into the utilisation of various punishments and the societal shift in attitudes towards crime and punishment, including the role of public executions.

Gracie, a Year 12 student, shared her reflections on the experience, stating, "To witness the historical development of prisons was incredibly insightful. It was fascinating to observe the changing perceptions of crime and punishment over time. Moreover, exploring potential improvements to modern systems was particularly intriguing."

The students exhibited exemplary behaviour throughout the excursion, actively engaging with the guides, posing thoughtful questions, and contributing to enriching discussions. They seized the opportunity to expand their understanding of the course material, demonstrating their enthusiasm for historical learning.