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Scott Medical & Healthcare College

Year 12 Students Excel in Emergency First Aid Training

Our Year 12 students successfully completed their Emergency First Aid At Work qualification this week.

This accomplishment marks a crucial milestone in their educational journey, equipping them with essential life-saving skills that will prove invaluable in various facets of their future endeavours.

Our students underwent an intensive one-day course, culminating in the attainment of a recognised FAA Level 3 Award. This qualification, valid for three years, not only enhances their university applications but also serves as a cornerstone for prospective apprenticeships and future workplaces.

As a specialist medical school, this certificate holds paramount importance. It provides our students with a solid foundation, instilling in them the confidence and proficiency necessary to embark on their careers with competence and compassion.

The comprehensive course covered a spectrum of critical first aid procedures, including primary and secondary assessment surveys, the recovery position, effective CPR techniques, and the utilisation of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Additionally, students delved into the management of various medical emergencies, such as choking incidents, blood control, bandaging techniques, shock treatment, burns, seizures, and the handling of foreign objects.

Witnessing the dedication and enthusiasm displayed by our students was truly inspiring. Engaging wholeheartedly in practical demonstrations and team activities, they demonstrated a remarkable level of commitment and skill acquisition.

Reflecting on her experience, Jemima shared, "I really enjoyed the practical elements. It helped me to absorb the theory and apply it for myself." Similarly, Amber expressed her exhilaration with the role-play exercises, acknowledging the initial apprehension followed by a sense of empowerment as she navigated through simulated emergency scenarios. "Once I had treated the 'casualty,' I felt a surge of confidence in my ability to assist someone in a real-life situation," she remarked.

Echoing these sentiments, Joel articulated his newfound assurance in his ability to respond effectively in times of crisis. "I feel confident that I would now be able to help someone if I needed to, which is a reassuring feeling," he affirmed.

As our Year 12 cohort emerges from this training with enhanced proficiency and confidence, we commend their dedication and applaud their commitment to serving their communities with compassion and competence. With their newfound skills and knowledge, they stand poised to make a meaningful difference in the world around them.