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Scott Medical & Healthcare College

Exploring Biodiversity: A Level Biologists Conduct Field Study

In a hands-on lesson that brought biology to life, our Year 13 students from the campus A-level biology class recently delved into the fascinating world of field studies.

With an eagerness to apply their theoretical knowledge, these budding biologists spent a lesson utilising quadrats to sample two distinct areas of the school playing field.

The objective? To investigate the distribution of two plant species, dandelions and ribwort plantain, within two areas that experience varying levels of sunlight. The students strategically selected an area bathed in abundant sunshine and another predominantly shaded location. The focus was understanding how differences in light levels (an abiotic factor), affected the number of each species in the two areas.

This practical exploration serves as a crucial component of their A-level biology curriculum, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. The students' initiative in undertaking this field study showcases their commitment to gaining a comprehensive understanding of ecological concepts and their practical implications.