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Scott Medical & Healthcare College

Empowering Tomorrow's Lifesavers: Restart a Heart Day at Scott College

The students at Scott College took part in an engaging and practical session as they witnessed a demonstration of CPR techniques.

Restart a Heart Day, a global initiative focused on raising awareness about cardiac arrest and promoting CPR education, recently took centre stage at Scott College.

Mrs. Loomes, took the lead in imparting invaluable CPR and defibrillator (defib) training to all Year 9 and Year 12 students at Scott college. The initiative aimed to equip these young individuals with lifesaving skills, fostering confidence in their ability to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies.

Each student had the opportunity to practice CPR and understand the functioning of a defibrillator. This hands-on approach not only demystified the life-saving procedures but also allowed students to actively participate and build confidence in their abilities.

In addition to the practical training, each student received a leaflet containing crucial information about CPR, including the main steps and details about the location of the nearest defibrillator. The leaflet encouraged students to identify the defibrillator closest to their homes, empowering them to be proactive in emergency situations. This take-home knowledge ensures that the impact of Restart a Heart Day extends beyond the classroom, reaching into the students' daily lives.

The students actively engage in the CPR and defib training, finding enjoyment in learning these vital skills. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application allowed them to grasp the importance of a quick and effective response in cardiac emergencies. 

By the end of the training, the students were not only able to recall essential acronyms like DRSAB (Danger, Response, Shout for help, Airway, Breathing) but also the key information for performing CPR, such as the ratio of 30 chest compressions to 2 rescue breaths. This retention of knowledge ensures that these young individuals are well-prepared to step in and make a difference when faced with a cardiac emergency.