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Scott Medical & Healthcare College

Sky on Tour: Nurturing Tomorrow's Digital Storytellers

In an age where the digital realm reigns supreme, empowering young minds with the right skills and aspirations is crucial.

Sky, a leading name in the world of media and entertainment, has embarked on an exciting journey to inspire and educate young talent. The "Sky Up Academy Studios" is not your ordinary school visit; it's a digital-skills-boosting, aspirations-raising, pop-up storytelling experience that has the potential to shape the future of tomorrow's storytellers.

Over the week, SkyUp, worked closely with students across the years, at both Scott College and Stoke Damerel.

The core activity revolved around devising a #GoZero media campaign for "The Daily Climate Show." In collaboration with their peers, students developed their digital skills while simultaneously contributing to a better future. They explored the intricacies of shaping stories for various platforms, using resources such as the pop-up photography studio and the state-of-the-art digital media suite within the e-vehicle.

One of the standout achievements of the program is the creation of a campaign report aimed at raising awareness of climate issues within the local community. Guided by Sky experts, students channelled their creativity into crafting campaign assets that span from eye-catching digital billboards to captivating social media videos. They learnt how to tailor content for diverse platforms, understanding the nuances of effective storytelling in the digital age.

The experience also includes the "Creative Careers Challenge," a thought-provoking exercise that opens students' eyes to a myriad of job roles within the creative industries. By gaining insights into the skills and qualities required for each role, students undergo a journey of personal reflection. This process helps them uncover their unique skills profile and explore potential career paths.

Students also had the privilege of hearing directly from Sky professionals who design real-world campaigns. This interaction allows them to assess the skills they already possess and envision how those talents could find a home in the dynamic and ever-evolving creative industries.

Perhaps one of the most exciting moments for students was the opportunity to watch their digital creations come to life. Some of the most confident students step into the spotlight, playing roles as models and media correspondents. Others took on behind-the-scenes positions as directors, photographers, and editors. This hands-on experience is invaluable, providing a taste of what it means to work in the world of the media and storytelling.

The "Sky Up Academy Studios On Tour" initiative serves as a shining example of how the creative industries can play a pivotal role in shaping the future. By opening up the world of digital media and storytelling to students, Sky paves the way for a new generation of creative thinkers and problem-solvers who will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the world. The memories and skills gained during this week-long adventure will serve as a source of inspiration for these students as they embark on their own creative journeys, armed with the knowledge and confidence to make a difference.