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Scott Medical & Healthcare College

Students visit The Eden Project

Year 10 students at Scott College got the incredible opportunity to visit the Eden Project this week, as part of their curriculum enrichment.

It gave the students an opportunity to explore the diverse environments and to see the plant adaptations they have been learning about in the classroom setting. They were able to experience the responsibility of independently exploring and it was a lovely opportunity for students to interact with each other and build connections.

The students were a pleasure to take on the trip with the Eden Project staff commenting on how well-behaved the students were, even holding doors open for members of the public.   

Leni-Rea said, after climbing 30 meters up to the top of the biodome on the suspended platform, "I have conquered my fear, I am so proud of myself! I am so scared of heights and I went all the way up. I will never forget when I looked out at the view of the rainforest biodome and how beautiful it was." 

Chloe said, "It was great to be out with my friends and be given the opportunity to look at the Eden Project ourselves. I really liked the orangutan sculpture."

Alfie added, "I had such a good day and the weather was so nice, but the biodome was Hot, Hot, Hot!"

Josh said, "I have been to the Eden project before, but being given the responsibility of going around with friends made the Eden project even better."