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Students take part in Braingineering session

Students in Year 10, 11 and 12 enjoyed a 'Braingineering' session led by Dr John Chilton, from the University of Plymouth Medical School.

Students learned about the complexities of the brain and investigated its interpretation of the world - which they found fascinating! 

Siobhan Moyes, Daniel Zahra and Lily Evans, staff at University of Plymouth Medical School, accompanied Dr Chilton and took the opportunity to talk about what University life is like - a really valuable experience for year 12 who are currently making their applications for further and higher education.

Dr Chilton said, "We thoroughly enjoyed the two days of Braingineering. It was fascinating talking about the complexities of the brain with the students, they asked lots of great questions. We loved seeing their varied reactions of shock and surprise as they realised how their brain plays tricks on them!"