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Scott Medical & Healthcare College

Year 12's have Monday Matters workshop with The Co-operative Bank

This week, our Year 12 students took part in a Money Matters workshop with The Co-operative Bank.

The session involved informative discussions about scam awareness and budgeting. There was also a brief discussion around the Co-operatives Ethos Policy, something our students hadn't considered when looking at opening bank accounts.

During the session, our students took part in a budgeting game which not only brought out their competitive side but also gave them an opportunity to look at household expenses and unexpected costs which may make them think differently about budgeting and spending.

One of our Year 12 students Molly, said, "The discussion around scamming was a real eye-opener, I will definitely be more aware of emails from unknown senders in the future."

Roxy said, "After today's session, I am now considering changing my bank account. I want to look at the bank's ethical policy before deciding.

"I also really enjoyed playing the budgeting game, it made me think about expenses that I may need to factor in that I haven't thought about before."